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Passionate about technology and online media, constantly looking for new business opportunities and challenges. Strong believer of customer satisfaction as one of key success factors for business. Strong bias for upending stodgy old industries.

Able to work equally in Spanish, Italian and English.
Obsessed about startups.

Biz Dev & Growth Hacker


Growth Hacking

Business Transformation 

Change Management

Negotiation Management

Sales & Marketing

Product Development


The true sign of intelligence is not knowledge but imagination.

Albert Einstein

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Come diventare un Growth Hacker? 12 Corsi Gratuiti di Growth Hacking

Corsi Gratuiti per sviluppare il tuo #mindset di Growth Hacker. Quindi hai deciso di salire a bordo del treno Growth…
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Cos’è la metodologia Lean Startup? La Guida Defintiva.

Lean Manufactoring e Customer Development Il Lean Manufacturing è quindi il primo dei pilastri su cui appoggia l’approccio Lean Startup. Una seconda…
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5 Motivi Per Assumere Un Growth Hacker

Ogni giorno milioni di aziende comunicano su Internet, creano siti, pubblicano articoli, lanciano promozioni, twittano, postano, bloggano. Questo enorme volume…
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